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Large LED monitor:

the clinic database and the information necessary for a patient are shown via this screen.

Built-in camcorder:

via this camcorder the image of a surgery can be sent to any of the monitors or projectors of the clinic.

Operating table Brumaba:

probably the best surgical table in the world.

Microscope Carl Zeiss OPMI PROergo:

a stationary microscope with overhead fastening and telescopic support which is completely motorized. It can be transferred almost without use of force. Transference can be done with one hand which activates electromagnetic couplings by pushing a button on the control knob. Thus it can be very mobile in spite of the frequent change of the jobsite.

Dentist’s chair Sirona:

handy to work, easy to use, and comfortable for patients.

Non-surgical measures can be conducted without advance preparation. It requires the surgeon to be a professional of high level who is sure of his success. It also requires the instrument to be accurate, safe and ready to use.

For the operating theatres of Sanabilis we choose equipment from the Carl Zeiss company which is the world’s leader in the area of development and production of scanning microscopes, operating microscopes and also ophthalmologic devices used both in diagnostics and therapy. In order to make the therapy more comfortable Sanabilis has both stationary (OPMI PROergo) and portable (OPMI pico) microscopes.

The concept of Sanabilis is based on the Hi- end approach so it embodies absolute minimalism. The design of the clinic is aimed at making an atmosphere of absolute tranquility and comfort:

  • original colour ganut;
  • ergonomic arrangement of furniture;
  • maximum concealment of equipment from patients.

Adaptation of overseas experience, application of new dental standards and comprehensive development of the fine details are the components which were used to establish the Hi-End clinic.

Cooperation with other clinics, continuous improvement of its own scientific and technical base, professional experience exchange and discussion in the area of innovation in the industry — are the primary objectives of Sanabilis. We are always ready for active cooperation!

Olga Baranova


Therapeutist of the Clinical Research Centre of Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology Sanabilis.

Specialization: therapeutic dentistry, root canal treatment, microprosthesis.

Length of service: 8 years.

Professional development: active participation in seminars and masterclasses.

Professional qualification: talented specialist who always tries to find the best way in the treatment. Olga is a tactful and sensitive doctor who always shows concern for her patients.

Philosophy: high qualification, individual approach and modern technologies can make both the process of treatment and the result very pleasant.

Elena Shapenkova

Leading therapeutist

Therapeutist, head doctor of the Clinical Research Centre of Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology Sanabilis.

Specialization: therapeutic dentistry, root canal treatment, microprosthesis.

Length of service: 9 years.

Professional qualification: outstanding specialist of high qualification, who tries to achieve more in her work. She always knows about all the news in the area of therapeutic stomatology and root canal treatment. Elena is very hard-working and responsible and she is also very respected by her colleagues and patients.

Professional development: participation in professional conferences and masterclasses of foreign colleagues.

Philosophy: Do well or don't do anything at all.

Andrey Grigoryants

Director of the centre

Director of the Clinical Research Centre of Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology Sanabilis.

Specialization: maxillofacial surgery, dental implantology, dental prosthetics.

Academic degree: Candidate of Medicine.

Length of service: 12 years.

Professional background: 2 years of residency, 3 years of post-graduate course in the Central Research Insitute of Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery, defence of the thesis, work as a surgeon and implantologist, 4 years of work at the Clinic of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, regular practice and professional development at the best German clinics.

Philosophy: the highest quality of attendance can be reached by concentrating attention on the details.

Lina Ledikhova


Orthodontist at the Clinical Research Centre of Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology Sanabilis.

Specialization: Orthodontics.

Length of service: 10 years.

Professional background: practice in the largest clinical centres and public institutions of the country.

Professional qualification: exceptional and talented dentist who does her work in a conscientious and accurate way. She always can find the best way to treat the conditions which are at the root of her patients' concerns. She doesn't only pay maximum attention to the patients but also shares her energy and good spirits with them.

Philosophy: honest diagnostics is a key to efficient treatment.


Sanabilis works like clockwork as all the details of the research centre must be sharp-cut to make it function perfectly. For a wrist watch to be good, it isn’t only important to be precise, but to be convenient as well. At Sanabilis we know that is vital not only to be efficient but to create a comfortable atmosphere for our patients as well. That’s why we at Sanabilis show concern about our guests giving them the opportunity to reach the clinic easily from any point. Comfortable transport is guaranteed for all the visitors of the clinic both for its patients and participants of the courses and seminars which take place in the centre.

The partner of Sanabilis is “Komandir.Taxi”.

Application of all types of braces

Making individual orthodontic appliances

Application of scanning technologies and milling for making high quality crowns

Making prosthetic constructions without cobalt and chromium alloys (for better biological compatibility)

High aesthetic and functional quality after placing prosthetic constructions

Gnathological examination

3D computer-aided tomography


Panoramic radiography


Dental radiography

All types of surgery in the areа of maxillary sinuses

Transplantation of bone blocs

individual selection and implant insertion in all possible clinic situations

Teeth extraction of any complexity

Extraction of the new growths of mucous tunic in the oral cavity

Surgery aimed at teeth preservation

Osteoplastic surgery

Tooth restoration

Root canal treatment

All types of teeth whitening

Treatment of the mucous tunic conditions of the oral cavity


For professionals

Individual training in Sanabilis.

  • Implantogy
  • Dental surgery
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Masterclasses by Andrey Grigoryants, director of the Сlinical Research Centre Sanabilis
  • Working with microscopes
  • Root canal treatment
  • Modern prophylaxis
  • Masterclasses by Elena Shapenkova, head doctor of the Clinical Research Centre Sanabilis

Lina Ledikhova


Andrey Grigoryants

Director of the centre

Elena Shapenkova

Leading therapeutist

Olga Baranova


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